Research and Validity

Research Methodology

Various research methods were used in developing this resource, including Core French classroom observations, online surveys completed by FSL teachers, field testing of a prototype module, and focus groups with FSL curriculum leaders and teachers.

Research Results

  • In the classroom, teachers have moved away from the stand-and-deliver model of teaching. The Gradual Release of Responsibility approach is used widely in today’s FSL classrooms and teachers often prepare their own projectable teaching slides and lesson content.
  • Teachers have been trained in the CFR and expect resources to be mapped to proficiencies and for student tasks to be action-oriented.
  • 85% of teachers believe it is “critically important” or “very important” to have good visual supports for teaching students French.
  • FSL teachers prefer to work from individual student modules rather than one big textbook. 
  • 88% of teachers prefer to have blended resources (print and digital) for their classrooms. 
  • Resources should seek to weave in intercultural awareness.
  • 95% of teachers indicated they currently use digital content in their classrooms.
  • Students were engaged by the Mon réseau, ma vie prototype because they “saw a purpose in the activities.”
  • The Mon réseau, ma vie prototype encouraged “meaningful classroom discussions.” Teachers really liked the listening and speaking opportunities and found “the reading and writing activities complemented the language interaction.”