The Student resources for Mon Réseau, Ma Vie are high quality, attention-grabbing, instructional resources featuring authentic contexts, purposeful language-use, and action-oriented tasks with embedded differentiation for a variety of learners. 

Digital eText: includes a variety of powerful multimedia assets, such as videos, audio for listening activities and texts, interactive activities and language demos.

Print Format: Four modules per grade

Do you fee that the projectable slides were helpful? if so, in what way?

"I loved the slides! They provided a visual and a reference point for students to start their conversations."

"Slides are very current, especially with the texting component."

"Students loved the visuals! They especially liked the reference for ways to invite, accept and decline. We went back to this slide many times."

I loved the slides! Students got so much more out of the unit with visuals to project about everything they were learning and discussing.

I really liked having the slides to go along with my teaching. I found that they kept me on track as well as being a great visual to help the students be successful in their communication.