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All January: National Hobby Month


National Hobby Month is a whole month when we can celebrate our interests, strengths, and hobbies outside of the classroom. Whether we like to collect shells, build models, solve challenging puzzles, or play a musical instrument, hobbies are a part of who we are.

As early as 1676, a man named Matthew Hale wrote, “Almost every person hath some hobby horse or other wherein he prides himself.” In modern-day language, Hale was talking about the pastimes or hobbies that tweak our interest.

Let’s celebrate our hobbies and share them with others!

Grades K-2 - The Arts, Language

Ask students: If you were not at school today, what would you be doing? Accept several answers that include both inside and outdoor activities. Ask the students to stand up, clap, wave their arms, or give a thumbs-up if they like to:

  • sing
  • draw
  • read
  • collect things
  • skate, ski, slide, swim, etc.

Continue until all of the students have expressed their interest in at least one activity or hobby.

Provide each student with a piece of mural paper and paints or markers, and ask them to draw themselves doing something they like to do.  Share the artwork.

Remind students that having a hobby is a good way to keep their brain thinking, even outside of school!

Grades 3-5 - All Subjects

Post some charts around the classroom, or share a list online with the following titles:

  • Art, Drawing
  • Singing, Dancing
  • Sports
  • Collections
  • Reading, Writing
  • Science
  • Other

Provide students with stickers or markers and ask them to go around the room and place a sticker (or a checkmark) on the sheets that indicate things they like to do.

Review the responses and ask students who indicated an ‘Other’ choice to tell what their hobby is so you can list them on the sheet.


  • What appear to be the favourite hobbies in our class?
  • What are some hobbies that you didn’t know anyone in our class was interested in?

Explain that you are going to set aside a short period of time every day/week (schedule permitting) to allow students to share their hobby with the class. Explain that there will be a sign-up sheet and all ideas need to be cleared by the teacher in case of allergies, school rules, etc.  Enjoy!

Grades 6-8 - All subject areas

Ask students to brainstorm what they like to do on rainy days when there is no school.

Share that having a hobby is an important part of expressing who they are.


  • What is it about your special interest or hobby that you enjoy?
  • Why do you think hobbies are important?

Explain that January is National Hobby Month and share the brief history (see Intro). Engage students in planning a “What’s Your Hobby?” day for their schoolmates.  Arrange a suitable format for the event and ask all classes or individuals to participate. Advertise on the announcements and provide each school class with the details re time, set up, etc. Together, brainstorm any pitfalls and possible solutions (allergies, un-caged pets, etc.) 

Celebrate National Hobby Month by inviting classes or individuals to record a few minutes of the hobbies in their classroom, and post on the school or class website. Be respectful of confidentiality rules for your school.

Note: This may be done on a smaller scale, (classroom, grade level, etc.)

Also, students at this age may be heavily involved in technology. Express that you recognize this but that there are many pastimes that do not involve technology, as it is important to balance leisure time activities.

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