Table of Contents

Part 1:  Who Are Middle Level Teachers?

Ch. 1: You Want to Be a What?

Part 2:  Who Are Your Students?

Ch. 2: Understanding Young Adolescents' Physical Development
Ch. 3: Understanding Young Adolescents' Unique Brain Growth and Cognitive Development
Ch. 4: Understanding Young Adolescents' Social Development
Ch. 5: Understanding Young Adolescents' Emotional Development and Search for Identity

Part 3:  What Research Tells Us About Effective Middle Level Schools

Ch. 6: The Middle School Concept:  More Than a Sign on a Building
Ch. 7: School Structures That Support Young Adolescents

Part 4:  How Your Classroom Can Best Meet the Needs of Students

Ch. 8: Creating a Safe Haven for Learning
Ch. 9: The Power of Student-Designed Curriculum:  Exceeding Standards
Ch. 10: Curriculum Integration:  What It Looks Like in Real Life
Ch. 11: This Is Learning:  Making Instruction Meaningful
Ch. 12: Assessment That Promotes Active Learning