Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2014

Grade(s): 6 - 8

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Dave F. Brown, Trudy Knowles

What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, 3rd Edition

Middle level researchers Dave Brown and Trudy Knowles have updated their bestselling classic What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know with more student voice as well as timely new research, strategies, and models that illuminate the philosophies and practices that best serve the needs of young adolescents. Once again a comprehensive description of truly responsive middle level teaching, the Third Edition features:

  • the latest discoveries in neuroscience that inform practical strategies for improving student learning
  • the most recent research on physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and identity developmental processes
  • the impact of technology and social media on students’ lives and learning
  • new research in middle level education supporting the development of genuine middle schools
  • concrete ways to meet new content standards while implementing true curriculum integration
  • explicit ways teachers can make the transition from theory to practice in their own classrooms.

Stories of teachers who have embraced curriculum integration, alternative assessment, democratic classrooms, and dynamic learning experiences inspire others to champion Dave and Trudy’s middle school philosophy, while the voices of students help us understand young adolescents’ needs and perspectives.