Table of Contents

SECTION 1 - Not This: Out-of-Touch Teaching: Its Accidental Origins

  • Naming What We Need to Change in a Changing World
  • How Did We Get Here and How Do We Get Out?
  • The Pressure of Staying Up to Date

SECTION 2 - Why Not? What Works? Research for Tuned-In Teaching

  • Critical Pedagogy and Culturally Responsive Instruction
  • Digital Literacies and Youth Popular Culture
  • Youth Participatory Action Research and Youth Voice
  • Centering Love and Relationships
  • The Practice of Revolutionary Love

SECTION 3 - But That: Sustaining the Tuned-In Classroom

Action #1: Students at the Center

  • Seeing Your Class
  • This Is a Dialogic Process

Action #2: Authenticity as a Standard

  • Codesigning Engagement

Action #3: Get in Touch with Students’ Digital Lives

  • Enacting Critical Media Pedagogies
  • Don’t Get Swept Up by the Digital Wave

Action #4: Keep It Playful

  • Playing Toward Justice

Action #5: Center Action

  • Reading as Action
  • The Courage of Action

Action #6: Put It All Together

  • Episte-what?
  • A Note on Assessment
  • These Actions Are Not Definitive