Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2008

Grade(s): K - 12

Delivery Method: Print

Province: National

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Yvonne S. Freeman, David E. Freeman, Reynaldo Ramirez

Language(s): English

Diverse Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

Today’s classrooms are filled with diverse students with a variety of needs and abilities, including English language learners, students with disabilities, and gifted/talented students. While diversity is enriching, it also brings challenges, especially in a time when all students are expected to meet standards and perform on mandated tests. 

Diverse Learners in Mainstream Classrooms is the first comprehensive book to bring together information about a wide range of diverse learners from PreK through high school, offering strategies and practices teachers can use to ensure that all learners succeed.

Diverse Learners in Mainstream Classrooms presents research-based and classroom-based approaches for working effectively with diverse students across the content areas. Written in a reader-friendly, accessible style, it provides everything from the big picture to the everyday details teachers want:

  • an overview of the basic principles of high-quality instruction for special learning groups
  • discussion of the specific characteristics of the diverse populations teachers are most likely to encounter and the kind of teaching that helps them achieve
  • demonstration scenarios with explicit connections to standards
  • detailed, ready-to-use applications for effective, inclusive teaching in math, literacy, and social studies
  • ideas for using digital technology and a multiple-intelligence framework to help differentiate and scaffold instruction for all learners
  • key terms and acronyms related to each of the types of learners.

Several books in one, Diverse Learners in Mainstream Classrooms finally unites information on teaching a wide variety of special student populations into one helpful, practical guide. Now any teacher can find the solutions they need for working with diverse students.