Discipline: Mathematics

Copyright: 2011

Grade(s): 11 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Province: Manitoba, Nunavut, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Alberta

Imprint: Pearson Canada

Pre-Calculus 11 and 12

All the Convenience of a Workbook.
All the Instructional Support of a Textbook.
All the Digital Innovation you'd expect from Pearson. 

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100 percent match to the WNCP Curriculum.

Pearson's Pre-calculus 11 and Pre-calculus 12 are designed to be all about you – flexible enough to fit the unique needs and preferences of you and your class, and made to be personalized. 

You'll notice the same commitment to pedagogy you appreciated in Pearson's Foundations and Pre-calculus 10, with its focus on Big Ideas that are thoughtfully developed to build deep understanding.  And the technological innovation and instructional support is everything you've come to expect from Pearson.  In fact, as a teacher, you have all the tools to make this course exactly what you want it to be.

But Pre-calculus 11 and Pre-calculus 12 keep in mind that, for these students, university is just around the corner.  So fostering independent learning and improving study skills is equally important to their success.  And that's why we created these resources.  They're all about you.  And all about your students.

A Resource that's All About You

You're not the same as every other pre-calculus teacher in your school -- you should have something that gives you the freedom to choose ... the amount of technology you want ... the number of investigations you use ... or the amount of review you do with your class. With Pearson Pre-calculus, it's all about you.