Features and Benefits

The Math Makes Sense WNCP program empowers students for mathematical success while providing unparalleled teacher support. Features and benefits of this K - 9 math resource include:

  • Engaging Learners – Meaningful and relevant contexts engage student in fun math activities that connect math with the real world and support the development of deeper understanding
  • Reaching Every Student – Math Makes Sense offers a highly readable text, a predictable three-part lesson model, and instructional strategies for addressing individual student needs
  • Problem-Solving Success – The exploratory problem-based approach provides students with the tools and experiences necessary to develop the flexible thinking needed to become lifelong problem solvers
  • Powerful Assessment – An ongoing assessment tool that supports evaluation of learning to inform instruction, support intervention and provincial requirements
  • Consistent Lesson Model – The consistent three-part lesson model supports the development of deeper understanding, giving students the foundation they need for success in higher levels of mathematics
  • Purposeful Practice – Students build confidence and enhance achievement as they share personal strategies, develop procedural fluency, and apply and consolidate their learning

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