Exploring Spatial Reasoning (K-2)


Did you know that spatial reasoning is an important predictor of achievement in many STEM careers? While we talk about spatial reasoning what does the term really mean? In this one-day session, you not only learn what it means but also how to develop it in your young students. This highly interactive session focuses on five key strands related to geometry and spatial reasoning:

  • Symmetry
  • Composing, Decomposing, and Transforming Two-Dimensional Shapes
  • Composing, Decomposing, and Transforming Three-Dimensional Objects
  • Locating, Orienting, Mapping, and Coding
  • Perspective Taking

K-2 Teachers


  • Develop a deeper understanding of young children’s geometry and spatial reasoning abilities
  • Support early years educators in creating engaging learning environments that move beyond play
  • Explore the place and relation of geometry and spatial reasoning in the broader math curriculum Course Highlights

Course Highlights

  • Explores critical areas of spatial reasoning
  • Connects to the Mathematics curriculum from JK through Grade 2
  • Hands-on and interactive

Delivery Method

Course Fee and Structure
$129.00 per person, 30 to 50 participants or $199.95 per person, including print PD resource

Taking Shape: Activities to Develop Geometric and Spatial Thinking, K-2
Authors: Joan Moss, Catherine D. Bruce, Bev Caswell, Tara Flynn, Zachary Hawes

Enrich Your Geometry Curriculum and Extend Your Students’ Spatial Reasoning Research shows that children with good spatial skills perform better in mathematics overall. This research-based resource is a unique blend of professional learning and classroom activities.