1. Overview
  2. Modeling and Scaffolding (Video Episode: Soils)
  3. Scientific Illustrations, Data Tables, and Observations (Video Episode: Plants)
  4. Making and Writing Scientific Comparisons (Video Episode: Ecosystems)
  5. Scientific Investigations and Supporting Claims with Evidence (Video Episode: Balls)
  6. Predictions, Graphs, and Complex Conclusions (Video Episode: Go-Carts)
  7. Using Modeling and Scaffolding with English Language Learners (Video Episode: Animals)
  8. Meaningful Assessment and Effective Feedback
  9. Group Critiquing and Teacher-Student Conferences (Assessment Video Episodes)
  10. Planning Instruction: Focus Questions and Meaningful Notebook Entries
  11. Sample Minilessons
  12. Emergent Writing
  13. Frequently Asked Questions and Next Steps