Table of Contents

1. Describing the Elephant: Conversations That Matter and the Books That Make Them Possible
2. Rehearsals for Social Change: Why Teaching Tough Texts Is Worth the Trouble
3. Choosing Tough Texts for Your Classroom
4. Setting Up for Civil Discourse
5. Sustaining Civil Discourse
6. Assessing Civil Discourse: Using Twenty-First-Century Skills to Leave No Text Behind
7. Advocating for Literacy Learning, Teaching for Social Change

A-1—Is This Book a Tough Text?
A-2—Resources for Finding Tough Texts
A-3—Anticipatory Challenges to Tough Texts: Some Resources That Can Help
A-4—Checkpoint Scoring Guide
A-5—Field Notes Journal
B-1—How to Construct Your Bookmark
B-2—Dailies Form for High School StudentsB-3—Dailies Form for Middle School Students