1: Creating a Community of Mathematicians

  • Qualities of Effective Mathematics Instruction
  • Key Beliefs That Support Effective Mathematics Instruction

2: A Respectful Community of Learners

  • Respect: Why It Matters
  • Encouraging Respect Within the Classroom
  • When Things Don't Seem to Be Working

3: Building Brave Mathematicians

  • Mathematical Confidence: Why It Matters
  • Encouraging Mathematical Confidence
  • When Things Don't Seem to Be Working

4: Great Minds Think Differently

  • Multiple Strategies and Justification: Why They Matter
  • Encouraging Multiple Strategies and Justification
  • When Things Don't Seem to Be Working
  • One Last Tip: Be Careful with Praise

5: Thinking Through Questioning

  • Questioning: Why It Matters
  • Effective Teacher Questioning
  • Effective Student Questioning
  • When Things Don't Seem to Be Working

6: Keeping Up the Momentum

  • Invest the Time
  • Keep It Student-Centered and Let Go!
  • Maintain a Growth Mindset
  • Set One Goal at a Time and Be Deliberate
  • Celebrate Successes


  • Appendix A: Math Attitude Survey
  • Appendix B: Problem-Solving Planning Template
  • Appendix C: Problem Solving Planning Template with Guiding Questions

Recommended Resources