Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2009

Delivery Method: Print

Province: National

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Donna Strickland, Jeanne Gunner

The Writing Program Interrupted

The Writing Program Interrupted seeks to create that regenerative space and time. Foregrounding critical discourses about writing programs, it opens new paths for intellectual consideration and reexamines conventional assumptions about WPA culture. The thoughtful, stimulating, provocative essays in this volume invite colleagues to look at the material and managerial matters that often remain obscure to those of us who do this work.

The Writing Program Interrupted provides new perspectives on the entrenched discourses of WPA work as they construct the profession and its values, strive to locate “the field,” and address material inequities. Contesting the conservative tradition are chapters on the queer writing program, globalization, self-colonization, identity and signification, and the political economy of composition. Whether you are an experienced WPA or a graduate student interested in a WPA career, The Writing Program Interrupted invites you to explore critical WPA issues.