Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2014

Grade(s): 6 - 8

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Gretchen Owocki

The Common Core Reading Book, 6–8

Lessons for Increasingly Complex Literature, Informational Texts, and Content-Area Reading

“Working effectively with the standards requires the critical understanding that the teacher-not the standard or the program-is the most important variable affecting adolescents' achievement.”
Gretchen Owocki

The Common Core Reading Book, 6–8 makes the reading goals of the standards doable for teachers in every content area. It also keeps the focus on instruction that's meaningful to adolescents and that supports deep engagement with literacy and your subject-area content.

“I wanted to honor the intent of the standards," writes author Gretchen Owocki, "and at the same time respect the fact that students are eleven, twelve, and thirteen years old only once in their lives.” Gretchen has matched sensible, step-by-step teaching strategies to the 10 reading anchor standards, giving you instructional choices that you can match to your students' needs, your goals for their development as readers, and your content-area's key texts. Whether you are a skilled teacher of reading or new to it, Gretchen pays special attention to the needs of literacy teachers and subject-area teachers alike with tools you'll use every day:

  • a precise description of what each standard asks from adolescents
  • instructional decision trees that simplify lesson planning
  • clearly presented instructional strategies that release responsibility to students
  • “students who...”suggestions for tailoring support to meet kids' individual needs.

For close reading, citing textual evidence, evaluating arguments, analyzing visual media, or anything the Common Core reading standards ask for, rely on The Common Core Reading Book, 6–8. You'll find a framework sturdy enough to teach with, flexible enough to plan from, and so respectful of you and your students that it will soon become core to your teaching.