This book is designed for educators interested in learning more about the factors that contribute to well-designed classroom spaces that connect with students and help teachers more effectively navigate the world of teaching and learning. Each chapter is full of photographs of classrooms ranging from grades K to 8. I share predictable challenges, one or two transcribed sample lessons, a chart with specific lesson suggestions, and answers to some common questions in an "If–Then" section.

You can read this book from cover to cover or jump into a section that resonates with you; perhaps it connects to a challenge or opportunity in your classroom, everything from How can I create a learning space where everyone feels welcome and a sense of belonging? to What do I do about the daily traffic jam that occurs at the supply station? to How long should it take for my students to transition into the classroom from recess? We get used to constantly juggling what is in and out of our control. Sometimes we start off the school year without certain supplies, the arrival of new students with only a moment’s notice, and broken classroom furniture, but we make it work. I am confident that you’ll find the information, makeover stories, and photographs from educators—just like you—helpful and inspiring. You, too, have permission to be creative and resourceful in your practice, going beyond the surface-level work of simply creating aesthetically-pleasing learning spaces. Attention to classroom layout and co-authoring with students about each space’s rituals and routines will inspire a greater sense of belonging as well as provide students with opportunities to be part of an engaged, focused, and collaborative community of learners.