Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2013

Grade(s): K - 8

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Irene C. Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

Reader's Notebook (K-8)

Now there are three distinct Reader's Notebooks to help students grades K through 8 become better readers through writing.

  • Reader's Notebook: Primary (recommended for Grades K-2)
  • Reader's Notebook (recommended for Grades 2-4)
  • Reader's Notebook: Advanced (recommended for Grades 4-8)

Here's an engaging way to improve your students' reading comprehension and to encourage them to write their thoughts about what they've read. It is also an excellent assessment tool for documenting reading achievement over time in a reading workshop that includes independent reading, guided reading, and genre study.

Used throughout the academic year, these notebooks serve as a continual record of one reader's book list, interests and reading responses. Students may write in longhand, make charts or quick sketches, or glue in their writings produced on the computer. The Reader's Notebook also contains many different resources for writing about reading. It is organized into easy-to-use, color-coded tabbed sections.