Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2012

Grade(s): K - 5

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Matt Glover, Mary Alice Berry

Projecting Possibilities for Writers

“When you create a unit of study, it’s tempting to think you know exactly what will happen on day 5, 13, or 18. But you can’t know. As soon as a unit starts, we begin making adjustments. This book shares a process for projecting a unit of study so you can make decisions as you respond to students each day.”

—Matt Glover and Mary Alice Berry

As a teacher, you value instructional flexibility because, after all, nearly anything can happen—and does! Yet you still have to plan instruction that helps your writers meet curricular objectives. Helping you solve this dilemma is what Projecting Possibilities for Writers is all about.

You can’t know exactly when in a unit of study students will need extra support or be ready for a particular minilesson. That’s why Matt Glover and Mary Alice Berry show how to project rather than plan—to design a sequence of instruction that not only supports deep understanding but gives you the agency to respond to individual needs and meet key writing standards.

Projecting Possibilities for Writers shares how to determine what to teach during a unit, how to teach it, and why to teach it—as well as when to make the crucial adjustments that this flexible approach makes possible. You’ll look over Mary Alice’s shoulder as she plans a unit for her writing workshop, while “Try It Out” suggestions lead you to project your own units.

Solve the flexibility vs. planning dilemma! Trust Projecting Possibilities for Writers and learn to teach with a roadmap rather than a rigid set of directions as you create learning experiences for classes of individual students with individual needs.