Table of Contents

SECTION 1 NOT THIS—Worksheets/Workbooks: The Trap of Repetition Without Transfer
The Factory Model of Teaching Ignores Transfer
Stopping the Assembly Line: Taking the Time to Think
How Are Students Showing Their Learning: Engagement or Entertainment?
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
What Does Each Child Know and How Can I Teach from There?
There Is a Better Way

SECTION 2 WHY NOT? WHAT WORKS?—Let Students Show Us What to Teach Them
The Logic in Spelling Errors
Student Diversity in Word Knowledge
How to Assess Word Knowledge
Meeting Diverse Needs Through Differentiated Small-Group Instruction
Understanding Development
Debunking the Myths About English Spelling
Critical Principles for Word Study
Spelling and Vocabulary: What’s the Link?

SECTION 3 BUT THAT—Helping Kids Figure It Out Themselves
What Are Students Ready to Learn?
What Does Word Study Look Like?
Helping Kids Tackle More Complex Texts
Helping Students Notice and Name Letter, Sound, and Meaning Patterns
Allowing Ourselves to Be Learners