Table of Contents

Foreword by Sharon Taberski


Section 1:
The Key to RTI: Getting Smarter About the Instructional Interplay between Whole-Class, Small-Group, and Independent Learning

Section 2:
Developing Independent Literacy: Daily Rituals

Section 3:
Encouraging Personal Accountability: Learning Reflections

Section 4:
Making Reading More Purposeful: Frontload Methods

Section 5:
Promoting Long-Term Word Knowledge: Words in Review

Section 6:
Repetition with a Purpose: Rereading Texts for Accurate Fluent Reading

Section 7:
Using Peer Collaboration to Foster Independence: Jigsaw Learning

Section 8:
Building Meaning: Discussion

Section 9:
Reading to Learn: Interactive Note-taking

Section 10:
Maintaining Effective Instruction: Assessment Forms