Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2012

Grade(s): K - 3

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Peter Dewitz, Jonni Wolskee

Making the Most of Your Core Reading Program

Enhance the effectiveness of your core reading program

“Many children need more than a core reading program can offer. We hope our book puts a few more tools in your toolbox and that you’ll be equipped to give every single reader a shot not just at proficiency, but at a lifetime love of reading.”
—Peter Dewitz and Jonni Wolskee

You want to reach every reader, but what if your core reading program can’t stretch that far? Making the Most of Your Core Reading Program shares teaching that extends your core program to meet everyone’s needs, especially when purchasing a new program is not in the budget.

Peter Dewitz and Jonni Wolskee don’t advocate moving out of your core reading program. Instead they offer an instructional blueprint for remodeling it with research-driven, classroom-tested strategies. Responding to the most common needs of teachers using core programs, they offer proven ways to:

  • increase flexibility in lesson planning
  • help whole-group lessons reach all students
  • differentiate word study through small-group instruction
  • build fluency, knowledge, and enthusiasm
  • enhance vocabulary instruction
  • boost readers’ prior knowledge
  • support comprehension via small groups.

Peter and Jonni also include sample lesson plans, planning guides, ways to extend understanding, and other supports, ideal for individual practitioners, teams, or schools.

“Teachers are the key to reading instruction, not the materials that come in the box,” write Peter Dewitz and Jonni Wolskee. “So many teachers want to do better but are butting up against the limitations of their core program.” Now with Making the Most of Your Core Reading Program you can finally reach every reader—even if your core program can’t.