Table of Contents

1. Teaching Is Heart Work

The Flourishing Teacher
The Empathetic Teacher
The Playful Teacher
The Flexible Teacher
The Reflective Teacher
Conclusion: Glad We Got That All Figured Out
Interviews with Experts: Jessica Lifshitz, Sara Ahmed, Chad Everett 

2. The Physical Environment 
Big Idea: Setting Up Your Classroom: Start with a Blank Canvas Not a Finished Masterpiece 
Big Idea: Let Your Space Reflect Your Students 
Conclusion: Take Time to Reflect on Your Classroom and Your Beliefs 
Interview with an Expert: Julie Denberg 

3. The Emotional Environment 
Big Idea: Scheduling for Success 
Big Idea: Build a Community Don’t Just Manage One 
Big Idea: Social Skills Can Be Taught 
Big Idea: Supporting Every Child 
Conclusion: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day; Kids Won’t Learn Everything
About Your Community Overnight 
Interview with an Expert: Allyson Black-Foley 

4. Building Curriculum 
Big Idea: Curriculum Should Be Responsive and Intentional 
Big Idea: Build a Better Teaching Toolbox: Clear Teaching Structures Drive Complex Learning 
Big Idea: Responsive Teachers Draw from All They Know 
Conclusion: Assume Success Is Possible When the Factors Are Right
Interviews with Experts: Annie Dunn, Yvonne Yiu, Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts 

Tips for Family Interaction 
Annotated First-Day Letter 
Annotated Letter About Mindset 
Room Planning Guide 
Quick Guide to Teaching Social Skills 
Quick Guide to Challenging Behaviors 
Checklist Template 
Conference Notes Form
Conferring and Small-Group Planning Grid