Table of Contents

Part I: Workshop Essentials
1. Learning How to Teach English
        My Teaching Story
        Finding a Balance
        What About Reading?
2. Getting Ready
        Making Time
        The Room
        Folders and Forms
3. Getting Started
        The Daily Poem
        The Launch: Writing Workshop
        The Launch: Reading Workshop
4. Essential Lessons for Writers
5. Essential Lessons for Readers
6. Responding to Writers 
        Writing Conference Guidelines
        Red Flags and Responses
7. Responding to Readers and Reading
        Reading Check-Ins
        Letter-Essays About Literature
8. Valuing and Evaluating
        Teacher Assessment
Part II: Genre Studies
A Word About Genres
9. Poetry
        Free Verse: Build a Toolbox
        Ideas That Matter
        Some Forms
10. Memoirs
11. Short Fiction
12. Taking Care of Business
        Advocacy Journalism
13. Humor and Homage

A. Quotations to Inspire Writers, Readers, and Their Teachers 
B. Student Writing Record
C. Student Reading Record
D. Individual Proofreading List
E. Editing Checksheet
F. Peer Writing Conference Record
G. Spelling Study Form
H. Thesauri for Writers Who Walk and Look Too Much
I. Editing Symbols
J. Ways Student Writers Can Go Public
K. Nancie's Workshop Cycle
L. Substitute Plans for Writing-Reading Workshop