Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2014

Grade(s): K - 12

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Luke Reynolds

Imagine It Better

Visions of What School Might Be

Imagine It Better features 18 provocative invitations from some of the most brilliant and creative minds in education today, including Tony Wagner, Andy Hargreaves, Noam Chomsky, and Linda Darling-Hammond, that focus on the present tense of school reform: what you can do to improve the instruction in your classroom and school today.  Each essay tells a story of what can be—with the heartbeat of imagination and a fresh vision of possibilities.

“We need to return to the elemental questions, imagine how school can be—what we want it to create and what we believe it should do—and propose the most inspired and inspiring ways to achieve these ends,” writes essay editor Luke Reynolds.  “It is time for us to be refreshed by diving into what could be, and in order to do so, we must tell Scarcity and Status Quo that their time at the table of education is through.”

Get inspired by these 18 voices for authentic student growth, social equity, and transformation—and imagine school better.