Table of Contents

PART 1: From Idea to Draft (Gretchen’s Story)

Chapter 1: Selecting a Topic
Levels of Personal Experience
The Quicklist  Student Spotlight: Guadalupe

Chapter 2: Organizing and Prewriting Structures
The Talking List
Writing a Kernel Essay with Text Structures
The Flipbook
The Fake Flipbook
Student Spotlight: Esequiel

PART 2: Revision and Development (Cynthia’s Story)

Chapter 3: Writing with Style
Expanding a Sentence: Revision Stations
Telling the Story, Asking Questions
The F.I.T. Chart
Sparkling Sentences Truisms with Picture Prompts
Ba-da-bing Sentences
Student Spotlight: William

Chapter 4: The Devil’s in the Details
Great Beginnings
Common Mistakes and Quick Fixes
Preparing the Final Copy

PART 3: Crunchtime Tools and Minilessons
(Jayne’s Story: Teaching Writing or Teaching Testing?)

Chapter 5: Countdown to the Test
KISS (Keep It Surprisingly Simple): The Concept
KISS Lesson Plans for Writing

Chapter 6: Minilessons with High-Scoring Student Papers

Research on Foundations of Effective Writing Instruction
Beliefs and Experiences
Student Chart for Brainstorming “Bank Experiences”
Student Topic Lists
Quicklists for Other Genres
Connecting Life Experiences to Life Truths
A Memory Chart
The Story of My Thinking Chart
Evolution of a Term Chart
Discovering a Lie Chart
Tribute to a Person Who Taught Me Something
Backfire Chart
Metamorphosis Chart
Cause and Effect Chart
Expository, I-Search, and Literary Analysis Text Structures
Sample Pages of a Flipbook
Revision Stations
Cause and Effect (If . . .Then. . .)
Student Self-Check Flipbook
Student Self-Check Flipbook Final Copy
Scoring Guide
The Fake Flipbook
Where’s the BEEF?
F.I.T. Chart
KISS Lesson Plan
Writer’s Toolbox