Part One

Ch. 01: Increasing Engagement Through Choice of Genre
Ch. 02: Choice of Genre Through Craft and Process Studies
Ch. 03: Teaching in Craft and Process Studies

Part Two: The Units

Ch. 04: Launching Writing Workshop: Fostering Self-Direction
Ch. 05: Reading Like a Writer
Ch. 06: Using Strategies to Find Topics
Ch. 07: Finding and Developing Independent Writing Projects
Ch. 08: Launching the Use of a Writer's Notebook
Ch. 09: Independent Genre Study
Ch. 10: Planning
Ch. 11: How to Have Better Peer Conferences
Ch. 12: Revision
Ch. 13: Genre Overview
Ch. 14: Illustration Study
Ch. 15: Using Illustrations and Text to Create Meaning in the Upper Grades
Ch. 16: How to Make Paragraphing Decisions
Ch. 17: General Craft Study
Ch. 18: Using Punctuation as a Crafting Tool
Ch. 19: Using Text Structures as Crafting Tools
Ch. 20: Author Study