Grade K

The Units of Study in Writing for Kindergarten are designed to help you introduce your students to the writing workshop, and to welcome them into the world of school. With these units, you will teach the routines of a writing workshop while helping your students embrace their identities as writers.

Unit 1, Launching the Writing Workshop, introduces students to their new identities as writers and invites them into the structure of a writing workshop.

In Unit 2, Show and Tell Writing, children will learn to make texts that are a written version of show-and-tell time, harnessing the natural power of show and tell to write words that come closer to conventional spelling, and to use high-frequency words to write longer labels and sentences.

Unit 3, Writing for Readers: Writing Readable True Stories, introduces students to narrative writing, highlighting the importance of telling and writing true stories that honor their families and cultures and value ordinary everyday life.

Unit 4, Persuasive Writing of All Kinds: Using Words to Make a Change, is a persuasive writing unit that teaches students not just how to write, but also why writers write, immersing them in real-world purposes for writing. By the end of this writing workshop, your students will have the skills necessary to continue writing throughout the summer, into first grade and beyond.

There will also be freestanding out-of-the-box units that can be inserted into your curricular sequence. The combined sequence of units will comprise the heart and soul of your writing curriculum while also setting children up to do rigorous work that addresses most state standards’ expectations of them as first-grade writers.

Grade K Unit Titles

  • Launching the Writing Workshop (Unit 1)
  • Show and Tell Writing (Unit 2)
  • Writing for Readers: Writing Readable True Stories (Unit 3)
  • Persuasive Writing of All Kinds: Using Words to Make a Change (Unit 4)