Writing Minilessons

The interactive writing and writing minilessons in this book serve as a guide to a meaningful, systematic approach to literacy learning. When you surround children with literacy activities and print, provide them with time to write, encourage their efforts with enthusiasm, and gently guide them, you create the right conditions for kindergarteners to grow into confident, engaged writers. Put interactive writing lessons and writing minilessons into action and make learning visible for every child, every day.

The Writing Minilessons Book includes minilessons in six types. In grades PreK through 1, Interactive Writing lessons are also included, allowing teachers to share the pen with students to collaboratively compose a piece of writing together as a class.

To help children connect ideas and develop deep knowledge and broad application of principles, related writing minilessons are grouped under “umbrella” concepts. An umbrella is a group of lessons, all of which are directed at different aspects of the same big idea, and one umbrella can serve as the focus across several days.

Grades 2-3 now available!
Grades 4-6 coming Summer 2023

FPC Writing Minilessons Book Grade PreK
FPC Writing Minilessons Book Grade K
FPC Writing Minilessons Book Grade 1
FPC Writing Minilessons Book Grade 2
FPC Writing Minilessons Book Grade 3