Pearson Auténtico Spanish Program for Grades 6-12

A Spanish Curriculum Steeped in Authenticity

Auténtico is a comprehensive Spanish language curriculum for middle grades and high school. It immerses students in authentic Spanish language and cultural experiences through text, video, audio, and online learning. Frequent exposure to authentic resources increases engagement, improves reading proficiency, and gives students confidence to take learning beyond the classroom. Auténtico meets ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, providing a powerful link between communication and culture.


Auténtico: Levels 1 through 3

Auténtico is the ideal blend of print and digital resources to help students develop Spanish language proficiency and cultural understanding.

  • Scaffolded instructional approach to build language proficiency
  • Authentic resources that support language acquisition
  • Articulated sequence of instruction through Spanish 3
  • Balanced approach that combines vocabulary, grammar, culture, and communication
  • Digitally integrated instruction
  • Multitude of tools and resources that support diverse learners
  • Materials that support digital, print, or blended instruction
  • Engaging activities that keep students involved
  • Create, modify, rearrange, and link content!


Upper Elementary/Middle School Spanish

Auténtico A and B provide the same content per Tema as Auténtico 1. At the end of Auténtico B, students are ready for the next step in their journey with a smooth transition into Auténtico 2.

If you are looking for an upper elementary Spanish program, Auténtico A can be used effectively in classrooms starting at grade 4.


High School Spanish

Auténtico 1-3 gives teachers a wide range of tools and support to help all students develop Spanish proficiency and cultural understanding. The articulated sequence through Level 3 includes student-center themes, performance-based language tasks, differentiated resources, and engaging technology.

For more details on leveling, take a look at the Auténtico scope and sequence.