How is my life the same and different from life in ancient times?


Ballplayers and Bonesetters: One Hundred Ancient Aztec and Maya Jobs You Might Have Adored or Abhorred

Written by Laurie Coulter
Illustrated by Martha Newbigging

Imagine growing up in Mesoamerica before the Spanish Conquest (1350 – 1521). What does your future hold? The ancient Aztecs, Maya and other Mesoamericans believed that the gods created a world where everyone had a role to play.

Some people were born to rule, others to serve. If you were lucky, you might have been a high priest or a queen. On the other hand, you could have ended up as a latrine boatman or a slave destined to become a sacrificial victim.

Featuring a fact-filled introduction, a timeline and humorous illustrations, this book offers a unique view of one of the most remarkable civilizations of all time. 


Archers, Alchemists & 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed

Written by Priscilla Galloway
Illustrated by Martha Newbigging

This book allows us to explore a popular fantasy. If we could go back in time to the Middle Ages, what would we want to be? A knight in shining armour? A princess in a silken gown?

Most people’s lives were far less glamorous but just as fascinating. Barbers cut off beards ... and sickly limbs; gong farmers cleaned out latrines ... and sorted through the excrement for dropped buttons or pennies.

This fascinating and original guide presents 100 careers, described with historical accuracy and the author’s renowned wit! Sidebars expound on intriguing elements of medieval life, including the Bayeux Tapestry, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, medieval cosmetics, and torture techniques! The art provides the reader with further opportunities to have fun and learn.


Kings and Carpenters: One Hundred Bible Land Jobs You Might Have Praised or Panned

Written by Laurie Coulter
Illustrated by Martha Newbigging

Life was tough in Old Testament times. People had to cross deserts on foot, grow food on parched land and deal with earthquakes, drought and disease.

If you lived then, you might not have wanted to be a water hauler. That would have meant walking for miles with a heavy jar full of water on your head. A more pleasant job might have been that of perfumer, concocting sweet-smelling fragrances that your customers would use to mask the smell of unwashed bodies—and to keep flies away.

fact-filled introduction, timeline and index make this book perfect for research projects while the humorous illustrations and snappy text provide an entertaining read.


It’s a Feudal, Feudal World: A Different Medieval History

Written by Stephen Shapiro
Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

Welcome to an innovative and reader-friendly approach to medieval history, one that combines visually appealing infographics, whimsical cartoons and lively, informative text. Each spread offers a snapshot that highlights an aspect of the diversity and intercultural dynamics of the medieval world, from Europe to the Byzantine, Ottoman and Islamic empires.

Readers get the inside scoop on crusaders and caliphs, Mongols and midwives, as they read about expanding trade routes, power shifts, conquests, adventure, and persecutions. From the daily life of the medieval child to Rabban bar Sauma’s extraordinary pilgrimage, the result is a colorful and varied picture of what life was like a thousand years ago. Shapiro’s meticulous research is brought to life by Ross Kinnaird’s historically based, humorous, illustrations. Who would imagine medieval history could be this much fun!


Shifting Sands: Life in the Times of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad

Kathy Lowinger

The stories of three young people who experience the tumult—in three eras—as new religions are about to be born. Drawing on both the historical and the imagined, Shifting Sands brings the past to vivid life. These stories expertly recreate how life might have been for young people living in the time of three of the world’s most important figures. Informative sidebars and full-color illustrations add historical flavour.