When young readers see themselves and their perspectives reflected in a text, it enhances their sense of self and is a powerful way to engage them as learners. Two years ago, Ms. Angie Caron and Mr. Wilfred Burton worked with the Gabriel Dumont Institute to create a design for a series of beginning readers. They wrote text, photographed pictures, consulted elders and school representatives and, most importantly, listened to the voices of the children they hoped to engage. The result is a series of books that reflect Métis language, culture, values and traditions. 

Saskatoon Public Schools

The Taanishi series (pronounced /tawnsheē/ meaning 'hello' in Michif) is a leveled reader set that contains 27 books under 9 different themes, all relating to Métis culture. Each book has a level from A to I, word counts, cultural connections, and a lesson plan.

Taanishi Books is published by The Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research.



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