Research shows that for long-term retention and real-world application spelling instruction needs to be more than the memorization of word lists. Offering an alternative to the traditional word-list approach, Sandra Wilde’s Spelling Strategies and Patterns brings joy and teaching to spelling instruction. Sandra’s inquiry-based approach to spelling instruction engages children in exploring the spelling patterns they are already starting to internalize and developing the strategies that will help them fine-tune their spelling as they write. Spelling Strategies and Patterns has two components: a lesson book and a CD-ROM.

In the lesson book, Sandra offers 65 short lessons designed to help students become more proficient spellers.

  • 32 strategy lessons help children improve spelling as they go about the process of writing; many of them answer the question, “What should I do when I’m writing and don’t know how to spell a word?
  • 33 pattern lessons help children know what to do when it’s not obvious what letters are in a word; many answer the question, “How do I know which letters to choose in order to spell the sounds I hear?”

In the CD-ROM, there is a wealth of resources to support your inquiry-based spelling instruction.

  • Live-from-the-classroom video footage allows you to observe Sandra as she teaches strategy and pattern lessons. “Working with What Kids Give You” video clips show how to incorporate the unexpected events that invariably occur during the course of a spelling exploration.
  • An up-close look at student writing samples with voice-over commentary from Sandra allows you to look over the authors shoulder as she analyzes student work.
  • Printable lesson reproducibles and modifiable assessment forms offer practical day-to-day support.