Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Step Back and Let Them Think: Letting Students Do the Thinking

Arousing Discovery
Asking Questions to Stimulate Thinking
Focus on Thinking Like a Problem Solver

Chapter 2  Build Bridges, Make Connections: Connecting Math Concepts to Each Other and to Our Students’ Lives
Making Connections Between and Among Math Ideas
A Focus on Big Ideas
Making Sense of Math Through Real Contexts

Chapter 3 See It, Touch It, Move It: Representations in Math Class
Exploring Math Representations
The Benefits of Representations

Chapter 4 Talk About It, Write It Down: Getting Students Communicating About Math
Generating Math Talk
Developing the Language of Math
Helping Students Communicate About Math

Chapter 5 Watch, Listen, Adjust: Letting Students Guide Our Teaching
Determining What Students Need: A Focus on Formative Assessment
Responding to What Students Need: A Focus on Teaching Mathematics to All Students