Phonics Lessons and Word Study Lessons reflect the most current research on child and language development. Fountas and Pinnell understand that to some extent children follow their own idiosyncratic paths, but they also recognize that developmental patterns provide a foundation upon which to build the smartest instruction possible. Fountas and Pinnell's Word Study Continuum plots a course along the developmental pathway children traverse as they become expert word solvers and effective readers.

To address young readers' developmental needs, Phonics Lessons, Kindergarten includes four essential areas of language knowledge: phonemic awareness, letters and sounds, reading words, and early reading concepts. Phonics Lessons, Grade 1 expands into more sophisticated concepts and includes six areas of knowledge: phonemic awareness, letters and sounds, reading words, writing words, processing strategies in reading, and processing strategies in writing. Students in grade 2 will move into more sophisticated reading and writing concepts within these six areas, and students in grade 3 will focus on even more advanced areas of language with the addition of vocabulary, fluency in reading and writing, and word meaning.

The Word Study Continuum encompasses Nine Categories of Learning:

  1. Early Literacy Concepts
  2. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  3. Letter Knowledge
  4. Letter/Sound Relationships
  1. Word Meaning
  2. High-Frequency Words
  3. Spelling Patterns
  4. Word Structure
  5. Word-Solving Actions
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