Special Awareness Days

February 20th - National Hoodie-Hoo Day


National Hoodie-Hoo Day is a special day created by a company called Wellcat.com to help people get rid of the blues of winter in the northern hemisphere. The tradition involves going outside at noon on February 20th and waving your hands above your head while yelling “Hoodie-Hoo!”

All grades - Language, The Arts, Drama

Ask your students:

  • What is your favourite season and why?
  • Why do you think that some people get tired of winter about this time of year? Discuss.

Explain Hoodie-Hoo Day and invite your students to participate in one of the following fun activities:

  • Try out the traditional noon ritual and take digital photos or videos to share.
  • Using the theme of saying goodbye to winter, write a class poem, ode or Haiku (depending on grade level) and share.
  • Have a contest to create a class cheer to say goodbye to winter. 

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