Special Awareness Days

November 10th - Forget-Me-Not Day


Nobody wants to be forgotten! This special day always occurs on November 10th, but nobody seems to know who started it or what year! Whatever the case, let’s use this day to remember and celebrate people who are important in our lives.

Activity Burst Ideas

K-2 - Language, Fine Arts

Remind students that it is important to remember people who have helped them in some way to be a better person. Ask students for examples of times when we make a special effort to remember people we care about (e.g., on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays such as Father’s or Mother's Day, cultural holidays). Discuss the idea that it doesn’t have to be a special day to remember someone. Ask students who they feel they will never forget and why.

Read students the following short poem that many of their parents and grandparents may already know:

Out in the ocean

Carved on a rock

Are these little words:


-- author unknown

3-5 - Fine Arts

There are many legends about how the Forget-me-not flower got its name. One of the most popular is that a brave Knight was walking by the river with his Lady. As he bent over to pick some forget-me-not flowers for her, he fell in the river. As he was swept away by the river, he threw the flowers to his Lady and yelled, “Forget me not!”

Explain that today, you will be making Forget-me-not flowers to share with others.

Each student will need:

  • 4 blue squares of construction or origami craft paper
  • a wooden skewer
  • a yellow square of construction paper
  • craft glue

Search online for instructions for making simple origami forget-me-not flowers.

Once the flowers have been assembled, have students discuss with a partner who they will give their forget-me-not flower to and why.

Consider asking a local seed or garden store to donate Forget-me-not seed packages to give to special people in their lives who they will never forget.

6-8 - History, Language

History, Research, Critical Thinking

Forget-me-not Day is a great time to research and identify someone who has made a difference in Canadian history. Students can choose from the list below or they can nominate a special Canadian from their own interests (sports, art, entertainment, etc.). Once they have selected someone to remember, ask them to research the individual and prepare a short oral presentation explaining why that person should never be forgotten.
(This could be done in pairs if some students prefer)

Here are some possible choices of Canadian people who should not be forgotten:

  • Dr. David Suzuki
  • Dr. Marc Garneau
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Roberta Bondar
  • Oscar Peterson
  • Kim Campbell
  • Dan George
  • Viola Davis

Remind students that the person they will represent does not have to be famous, as long as they are Canadian. They could be a family member, a neighbour or their family doctor!


Additional Activities

All Grades – Language, Art, Health, Music

Gather students and discuss the importance of remembering the contributions people make by helping others:

  • What kinds of helpers do we have in our community? (Prompt students as needed with categories such as healthcare, safety and rescue, community organizations, food banks, caregiving, etc.) 
  • Think of someone who you feel is a helper.  Create a poem, note, poster, song, video, or some other way to let them know they will be remembered for their dedication during good times and bad

Be sure to share the creations with the deserving recipients!

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