Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2019

Imprint: Pearson

Author(s): Rena Shimoni, Joanne Baxter

Working with Families teaches the important connection between the well-being of children and the well-being of families. The authors accomplish this by integrating knowledge from a broad range of disciplines—sociology, psychology, anthropology—into a practical book that combines the their theoretical knowledge, professional experience, and involvement with students. 

Working with Families has been written for educators who value the prospect of expanding the scope of their practice in engaging families by focusing on three aspects:

  • The professional context for educators in relation to their engagement with families, and the basic concepts essential to understanding the complex notion of family;

  • The practice of engaging with and supporting all types of families by providing a foundation for educators to build relationships and share dialogue with families as equals who are invested in the best interest of the child;

  • The diversity that exists within Canadian families -- be it cultural, family structure, social and economic, or the particular life events experienced within the family. 

These aspects are explored from the perspective of the child, the parent, and the family, and then the role of the educator is considered in supporting the child and the family.  

Part of Pearson's Canadian Early Childhood Education Collection