Table of Contents

Introduction: Taking the Time to Ask What Works
1. Prepwork: An Overview of the Research Process
2. Scratchwork: Shaping a Question
3. Bridgework: Researching the Idea
4. Headwork: Assuming Self and Other
5. Legwork: Pursuing Multiple Sources of Data
6. Eyework: Methods and Methodologies
7. Homework: Preparing the Working Proposal
8. Footwork: Covering Your Tracks
9. Deskwork: Interpretation and Analysis
10. Handwork: The Craft of Dissemination

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions About Writing Research
Appendix B: Partial List of Books on Teacher Inquiry
Appendix C: "Chasing Friendship: Acceptance, Rejection, and Recess Play" by Karen E. Wohlwend