Table of Contents

This list refers to the classroom resources available both on the CD and online resources.

  1. Main Events: Fiction
  2. Reading Log (Kindergarten and Beginning of First Grade)
  3. Weekly Reading Log (First Grade and Early Second Grade)
  4. Reading Log and Reflection Sheet (Middle of Second Grade and Third Grade)
  5. Response Sheet (Kindergarten and First Grade)
  6. Response Sheet (Middle of First Grade and Early Second Grade)
  7. Homework Sheet (Sample)
  8. Literature Discussion Group Record
  9. My Words: Words I Want to Learn
  10. How to Work with Elkonin Boxes
  11. Dolch Word Lists
  12. Building and Using Background Knowledge
  13. Making Inferences
  14. Alphabet Picture Board
  15. Shared Language Arts and Visual Literacy Standards (Adapted from Johanna Riddle)
  16. “In the Book” and “In My Head” Sheets
  17. Topic List Sheet
  18. Graphic Organizer for Character Study
  19. Organizing Sheet
  20. Get the Picture
  21. Beginning, Middle, and End
  22. Main Ideas: Nonfiction
  23. I’m Reading to . . .
  24. Integrating Strategies
  25. Thinking About Text Structure—Story Elements
  26. Parts of the Whole
  27. My Purposeful Reading Log
  28. Before and After
  29. Turn Titles into Questions
  30. Sketch What You Learned
  31. Getting the Gist
  32. Guided Reading Sheets for Emergent, Early, Transitional, and Fluent Readers