Table of Contents

Introduction: It’s Instruction That Matters Most

  • We’ve Got Most of the Answers
  • Ready, Set, Review
  • It’s Not Hard to Figure Out Why Reading Works Better Than Math Works better than Math
  • Picture It, Draw It
  • Language-Rich Classes
  • Building Number Sense
  • Milking the Data
  • How Big, How Far, How Much?
  • Just Don’t Do It!
  • Putting It All in Context
  • Just Ask Them “Why?”
  • Punting Is Simply No Longer Acceptable
  • We All Have a Role to Play and Teachers Can’t Do It Alone

Conclusion: Instructional Productivity


  • A Crib Sheet for Raising Mathematics Achievement for All
  • A Model Vision of Effective Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Research Matters / Teach Mathematics Right the First Time
  • Classroom Realities We Do Not Often Talk About
  • Learning from Singapore Math