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Assessment Tools

Each Quick Comprehension Assessment Package features 2 on-grade reading passages for whole-class assessment (35 copies of each). It also features 4 passages at a range of reading levels for individual assessment to gather more information about specific students (1 copy of each). QCA Teacherís Guides feature rubrics linked to provincial and national performance standards.

The following Assessment Tools help teachers to analyze and identify instructional needs quickly and efficiently:


By sharing examples of students' work, teachers are supported in reinforcing/checking their own judgements about student performance. The following exemplars have been collected by teachers to be used to help teachers and students across Canada.


Rubrics are directly linked to Provincial/Regional Standards of performance and achievement (e.g., EQAO testing, BC Performance Standards). They help teachers to track student achievement and growth.

Region Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
British Columbia

Oral Reading Record Forms

An Oral Reading Record is an excellent tool for assessing the way in which a child processes print. By taking and analyzing oral reading records, teachers can determine the strategies and cueing systems children are using and can identify those for which they need some support. For those children who have not yet developed print concepts, assessment should be based on observed behaviours during shared reading experiences.

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