Discipline: Professional Resources, Literacy

Copyright: 2016

Grade(s): K - 2

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

The Comprehension Toolkit Series from Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis (available in K-2 and 3-6 sets) has all of the language, teaching moves, and re-usable resources to build students’ reading comprehension in ways that are visible and audible and helps to show evidence of developing students’ thinking over time.

As an active literacy learning framework, The Comprehension Toolkit can be implemented as part of a literacy block or within a curriculum lesson such as science and history.  Additionally, this supplemental resource is designed to support every instructional setting including whole group, ELL support, small group, independent practice, intervention, summer school – as well as resources for PLCs. 

Originally developed in 2005, this new 2016 edition includes everything from the original edition, plus a new teacher’s guide, new online resources and a new book, Content Literacy: Lessons and Texts for Comprehension Across the Curriculum; many new lessons integrate the strategies with science and social studies curriculum.

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