Discipline: Literacy

Copyright: 2021

Grade(s): PreK - 2

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Imprint: Teacher Created Materials Publishing

TCM Targeted Phonics

Provide opportunities for teaching early reading skills that will facilitate a basic understanding of the core principles of phonics and literacy for young children.

This fresh, current approach to teaching phonics is designed by Teacher Created Materials to help students unlock words and build comprehension in a developmentally-appropriate way. This series of kits for Pre-K through Grade 2 was developed to unleash the world of phonics by engaging students with real-world context. It is intentional, purposeful, and accessible for all teachers and students.

Thoroughly implement this phonics program with ease with a variety of helpful components.

  • Engage early readers with books with decodable text.
  • Create a blended learning environment with the Interactiv-eBooks DVD.
  • Provide additional practice opportunities with the Student Guided Practice Book.
  • Utilize coordinated early childhood lessons included in the Teacher's Guide.
  • Track progress through the extensive assessment opportunities provided in the Assessment Guide.
  • Access digital resources included on the Teacher Resource CDs.