Curriculum Connections

Connections to the Alberta English Language and Literature (ELAL) Curriculum

Bug Club Morphology (BCM) supports the teaching of many outcomes in the Alberta Language Arts and Literature Curriculum. BCM supports the ELAL curriculum as a whole by

  • providing a detailed explanation and related research about the concept of morphology
  • using terminology (morphemes, prefixes, suffixes, affixes, bases, word origins, etc.) addressed in the curriculum
  • increasing students’ overall morphological knowledge

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Connections to the Ontario Language Curriculum

Bug Club Morphology (BCM) supports the teaching of many strands and outcomes in the Ontario Language Curriculum.

The BCM Scope and Sequence was developed using research-based guidelines that take into consideration both the complexity of the morphemes and the frequency of use in student text. By teaching Bug Club Morphology lessons, teachers are addressing morphemes that are timely and developmentally appropriate for students. Students will encounter the morphemes in authentic text and will be taught related spelling conventions, pronunciations, and meaning. They will also review morphemes taught in earlier grades (K, grades 1–2) where much of the work would have been oral.

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