These dynamic and engaging nonfiction readers are the perfect supplement your literacy school bookroom or classroom library.

  • Motivate and engage students with high-interest, nonfiction readers in a variety of text structures
  • Address individual abilities with trios of levelled books.
  • Save time with the Teacher’s Guides and the menu of lesson ideas for word study, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.
  • Track progress through placement tests and assessments in the Assessment Guide.
  • Encourage Home-School Connections by sharing the Parent Tips Booklet to help students continue building literacy skills at home.
  • Offer a blended learning experience with Interactiv-eBooks.
  • Give students a model of fluent reading with Audio Recordings of each book.

The following levels are available. Click on the title to review a sampler. A list of titles in the kit is provided in the sampler.

  Grade Interest Level Guided Reading Level DRA Level PM Level
Foundations Kit K Pre-K -2 N/A N/A N/A
Foundations Plus Kit K Pre-K -2 N/A N/A N/A
Emergent Kit 1 K-3 A-E 1-8 1-8
Upper Emergent Kit 1 K-3 E-I 7-16 7-16
Early Fluent Kit 2 1-4 I-K 16-20 15-18
Early Fluent Plus Kit 2 1-4 K-M 20-28 19-22
Fluent Kit 3 2-5 M-O 28-34 22-24
Fluent Plus Kit 3 2-5 O-Q 34-40 24-26
Advanced Kit 4 3-6 Q-R 40 26-27
Advanced Plus Kit 4 3-6 R-S 40 27-28
Challenging Kit 5 5-7 T-U 50 29-30
Challenging Plus Kit 5 4-7 U-V 50 30