These collections of fiction readers are designed to stimulate students' interest about the world, broaden their reading experiences, and enrich their vocabularies. Students are introduced to a range of genres, including realistic fiction, historical fiction, adventure, poetry, science fiction, humor, diaries, journals, traditional stories, fables, fairy tales, biographies, and autobiographies.

  • Engage beginning readers with colorful books (15 titles in each kit, 6 copies each) in print and digital formats.
  • Access PDFs of books, teacher resources, student activity sheets, supplemental images, audio, and video digital resources.
  • Track progress with series placement tests and formative and summative assessments in the Assessment Guide.
  • Create a blended learning experience with Interactiv-eBooks featuring two activities per text (one comprehension and one writing).
  • Model fluent reading with professional audio recordings of books and included Reader's Theater scripts.

The following levels are available. Click on the title to review a sampler. A list of titles in the kit is provided in the sampler.

  Grade Interest Level Guided Reading Level DRA Level PM Level
Emergent 1 K-3 A-E 1-8 1-8
Upper Emergent 1 K-3 E-I 7-16 7-16

Early Fluent

2 1-4 I-K 16-20 15-18
Early Fluent Plus 2 1-4 K-M 20-28 19-22
Fluent 3 2-5 M-O 28-34 22-24
Fluent Plus 3 2-5 O-Q 34-40 24-26