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Bikes and Boards
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Bikes and Boards is an expository nonfiction text that explains the science of bikes and boards, motion and force, testing the limits with tricks, snowboarding, aerodynamics, and the future of bikes and boards. The back of the book includes a section on Dr. Mehmet Oz. Readers gain information from text and graphics. A two-page experiment written in third-person procedural language invites students to explore what else might make a snowboard or skateboard change speed.

Bikes and Boards is divided into sections with some subsections. Illustrations, such as some labeled photos, charts, timelines, and diagrams support the text. Fact boxes appear throughout the text to provide students with additional learning opportunities. A wide variety of punctuation is used. Dashes are used to expand on an idea. A table of contents, glossary, and an index support the reader.

Plurals, base words with affixes, and a variety of verbs with inflectional endings are used. Subordinate clauses, possessives, prepositional phrases, and comparative adjectives, such as steepest and biggest, are used in the text. The text contains many adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, simple and sophisticated connectives, and compound words. The text occasionally makes use of hyphenated words and parenthetical material embedded in sentences. Glossary words are bold faced throughout the text. Some words appear in the vocabulary of mature language users.

This title is from the Science Readers: A Closer Look series from Teacher Created Materials. Build literacy skills and science content knowledge with high-interest, appropriately levelled information texts.


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ISBN-10: 1433303035

ISBN-13: 9781433303036

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