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Remix 3.3 Fuelling the Future PRINT & ETEXT
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Remix: Fuelling the Future is an expository text with extensive photographic support.  Three chapters explore non-renewable energy, renewable energy, and green choices.  Many specific examples are used to illustrate ideas about energy, such as the story of the 1992 methane gas explosion that caused the deaths of twenty-six coal miners at the Westray Mine in Nova Scotia.  Questions such as “Which source of renewable energy is the most widely used where you live?  Why?” spark deeper thinking.  A concluding page provides ways for students to reflect on and extend their engagement with the topic.

Clear headings, short chunks of text, easy-to-see captions, and FYI boxes appear throughout.  Red type is used to make key words stand out.  A glossary and index are provided. 

Sentences are short and simple in structure.  Everyday language is used to explain important ideas.

This title is from the REMIX series.  Boost success, confidence, and growth for students in grade 7-9 who are reading at a grade 1-3 level.


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Invoice Title: Remix 3.3 Fuelling the Future PRINT & ET

ISBN-10: 1770586652

ISBN-13: 9781770586659

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