The new primary Units of Study in Reading offer teachers concrete ways to bring the best of science of reading research—including explicit teaching of ‘slider power,’ engaging decodable texts, and an emphasis on knowledge generation—into vibrant workshop classrooms.

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Series Components

There are five Units of Study in Reading for each grade level, and each unit represents four to six weeks of teaching.

The Supporting All Readers: High-Leverage Small Groups and Conferences, K–2 book will be an invaluable resource as you meet the needs of a range of learners in your classroom.

A Guide to the Reading Workshop, K–2 offers a comprehensive introduction to the Units of Study in Reading series.

Let’s Gather: Reading to and with Your Students (available by separate purchase) provides support for state-of the-art read-aloud sessions in which you will learn ways to develop students’ reading comprehension across a learning progression.

In the Online Resources, you’ll find a rich array of digital resources to support each unit of study. See note below about the difference between included Online Resources and the optional Premium Digital Content Subscriptions.

Anchor Chart Sticky Notes featuring each day’s teaching point help teachers create and evolve anchor charts across the units.

One complete set of the simple printable Unit Readers from the online resources is included for teacher reference. In addition, the Jump Rope Readers series of decodable books (available by separate purchase) provides decodables for select students. (See below for more information.)

Each Units of Study Trade Book Pack (available by separate purchase) includes grade-level appropriate books that teachers use as demonstration texts. Available in English and Spanish-language sets.

Digital Content Information

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New Units of Study: Digital Content Overview

Online Resources

  • included with the core units sets
  • assessment tools
  • demonstration texts
  • small group and conferring tools
  • instructional videos
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Premium Digital Subscription (Coming to Canada for Fall 2023)

  • available by subscription to users of the core units sets
  • videos of staff developers teaching all minilessons (ideal for teacher professional learning and or substitute teaching)
  • digital access to all of the books in the core units set

Please Note: Digital content related to previous editions will remain available on


Related Resources on Flight

Jump Rope Readers Series

  • The new Jump Rope Readers Series includes digital access to books
  • Initial access will include viewable digital readers and the Guide.
  • New updates will include features that allow the teacher to assign books to children to read at school or at home.

Managing Access to Online Resources 

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Pearson Canada is responsible for assigning licenses to teachers for the included Online Resources.  If there is an update needed once your licenses are assigned, please send an email to: 

Currently Premium Subscriptions are not available in Canada.


Teachers will receive an email notification from Heinemann Flight once a license to a resource has been assigned by Pearson Canada.

Follow the instructions in the email to activate the account. First time users into Heinemann Flight are encouraged to tour the platform and click on the navigational help features.

Bookmark for future access into the account and launch the product dashboard

Digital access for Reading Units of Study K-2 will be available in your Heinemann Flight account and additional content will be added as it becomes available.


Please note:

Currently Premium Subscriptions are not available in Canada.

The New Units of Study in Writing, Grades K-2 will be available in time for back-to-school 2023. Please check back here for updates regarding print delivery and corresponding digital release dates.

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