French readers in Spark Reading

Ideal for French Immersion classrooms, there are 122 French readers that have been uploaded to Spark Reading. These titles come from popular series such as Vivre au Canada, Le échos de l’île de la Tortue, and Petits livrets de Mathologie. Experience 122 books and teaching notes, 250+ interactive activities, 11 Listen to Myself Reading features, and real voice audio recordings all in French. 

We have published and uploaded 12 new Vivre au Canada French readers to help you share diverse Canadian stories. These stories focus on uniquely Canadian topics, including the Black community’s rich history in Nova Scotia, Canadian families, Muslims in Canada, Chinatowns across the country, and more.

How to get started with French in Spark Reading

  • Inside Spark, look for the filter called “Language of Books”
  • Click on the filter to select “French Only”
  • Look through and select other filters if you’d like to narrow the results further
  • Select a book for whole class instruction or individual student reading and practice

Click here to see the list of French readers by level currently available in Spark Reading.


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